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Weight – 82 pounds

Height – 36 Inches

Length – 36 Inches

Weight with Fan – 177 pounds

Opening Force – 4 pounds



This device is used to provide an additional entry/exit point for a confined space.  Typically, a fan is bolted directly to a tank flange.  Once bolted in place the opening can only be used by the fan for ventilating the confined space.  A swing gate will still allow the opening to be used as a ventilation point but it can be also be used as an additional entry/exit point in case of emergency.  A worker inside a tank would need to gently push on the hand paddle that is molded into the casting.  The fan will swing away and allow the worker to exit the space.  A  worker on the outside of a tank would merely pull on the flange of the Jet Fan to swing the fan away and allow the entry into the space.  The flange is kept closed by a magnet.  There are o locking devices.  The magnet is a superior mechanism to our competitor’s method of a hook and loop fastener (similar to Velcro).  The magnet will not lose adhesion over time or deteriorate by weather.  A slight pump or tug is all that is needed to push or pull the fan open.  Mounting the Jet Fan on the Swing Plate with the air inlet towards the hinge will not inhibit the ability to open the gate.  In addition the Jet Fan’s grounding wire should also be affixed on the hinge will not inhibit the ability to open the gate.  In addition, the Jet Fan’s grounding wire should also be affixed on the hinge side of the unit.  All exposed components are stainless steel or aluminum.

Mounting flange configured to match tank flanges with holes starting in top center position OR level across the centerline.

Our competitor’s gates can only be used for flanges mounted with the top two holes level across the centerline.

It is composed of heat treated to T6 aircraft aluminum specifications with stainless steel shackle used for lifting point.

The unit ships with stainless 1 inch bolts, flat washers, lock washer and nuts for attaching a Jet Fan to the swing plate.  The units would be shipped from one of the three stocking warehouses in the United States.  The complete unit including the fan is made in the United States.  Abundant Supply is proud the distribute for Texas Pneumatic where we are able to set our prices that are fair and competitive to other manufactures and distributors.



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