Air Mister Venturi 3 Inch Model VAM3


Air Mister Model VAM3

Compressed air and water are combined to create an “Atomized Mist”.  In dry and hot climates the mist provides an evaporative cooling effect.  The mist is significantly amplified by the movement of air through the air mover. They are great for outdoor events and are effective for cooling hotspots in outdoor construction areas, turnarounds, shutdowns and Outages.  The mister can can help reduce heat exhaustion and heat stress.  Due to the velocity of air moving through the air mover, the evaporative cooling effect can be felt at extended distances.

Specifications:  Weight 9 lbs, Length 31 inches, Total Air Flow (80 PSI) – 1462 cfm Air Consumed (80 PSI) 62 CFM