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$2,832.50 $2,199.50

Compressed air powered intrinsically safe LED light for confined space illumination  The Pneu-Light is sold as shown.  The compressed air hose is an anti-static, lame resistant, MSHA approved hose.  One end of the compressed air hose has a coupling that connects with the light.  This ensures the supplied air hose is used with the unit.  The opposite end of the air hose has a 1/2 Inch male pipe thread and any type air connector can be screwed on the fitting.  The hose is approximately 33 feet (10 meters) in length.

The Pneu-light can be easily mounted to a metal wall, ceiling or floor via the magnetic base.  The magnets inside the based are easily activated to lock the unit in place and deactivated to remove the unit.  Simply move each magnet’s lever to the on or off position.  The exterior of the magnet housing is nickel plated for spark resistance.

The Pneu-Light is the first compressed air powered LED light on the market.  Patents are pending.  There is a Pneu-Light in town and it is here to change the rules of the game.

We here at Abundant Supply are excited about this new product.  As authorized distributors we are able to provide pricing at a fair and competitive price.  These are normally in stock at the manufactures location.


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