Headache Rack

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Headache Rack LT Assy 22X73X48 Punch w/LT RF No-Coating PN 720205-131

Merritt’s headache racks are designed for function and durability while providing a distinctive look. Each headache rack has a channel designed into the frame to support multiple lighting and load securement accessories. The channel also serves to hide and protect a wiring harness.

  • Merritt’s headache racks fit all Mid and Full-Size pickups
  • All Merritt headache racks are built from commercial grade aluminum materials for strength and durability
  • Features a lightweight extruded frame for maximum visibility
  • A channel on the backside of the frame provides easy mounting and flexibility for multiple accessories such as lighting and load securement
  • The rear channel also hides and protects a wiring harness for light options
  • Mounting kits available to fit your truck